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AFFIRM Magazine’s purpose is to share the true rooted stories of Transgender and Non-Binary people, both from afar and locally.  Transgender people are increasingly in the media and in the spotlight.  However, when a Transgender individual is interviewed by the media, news outlet, private online media organizations, their stories are often misconstrued or miss-gendered.  It is our goal at AFFIRM Magazine to be the narrators of Our own stories.  

To our readers and supporters. We love you! We hope this magazine will at least create a impact in hopes that  could touch peoples lives, as well as help us create change through social justice and transphobia prevention. 

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More content and Magazine issues will be launched annually on March 31st. If you are trans, non-binary, Mahu, Two-spirited or trans POC. Please consider submitting an article to Affirm Magazine. All articles go through a fact check and editing process. 

"Trans Rights! Are Basic Human Rights!"

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